You want to be found by potential customers and achieve more growth and turnover for your company? A convincing online presence is the basis for all marketing activities. As an online marketing agency we support you in generating website traffic, leads and conversions!

At FoxxBase, the focus of online marketing is on your individual business objectives. Together we design a marketing strategy which contributes to the support and realisation of these goals. Take advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation, discover the untapped potential of your company and take your marketing to a new level. SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing, newsletters and more. Together we will find a scalable channel for your business. Data driven marketing, automation as well as creative and appealing content are daily business for us as a digital agency and online marketing agency.


Our work is based on a detailed analysis of your company, the competition and previous marketing activities. Accordingly, we advise you individually based on our many years of experience and try to find the best solution for your concern. The focus is not on sales, but on the usefulness of online marketing activities for your company.

What do you want to achieve with your online marketing activities? Is it about achieving brand awareness and image or do you want to bring more customers to your online shop? Based on these objectives we develop an online marketing strategy for your company.

Depending on which channels are used (Facebook, Google Ads etc.) we take care of the setup and implementation of the data tracking. This serves as a basis to measure and optimize the success of the activities.

We are happy to support you in the creation of content plans, researching and creation of content such as blog posts, social media postings, graphics or videos.

A continuous and uniform online presence is of great importance for building a strong brand. As an online marketing agency we take care of and fill your social media accounts. From creative communication ideas to reliable community management, we handle everything you need.

Organic reach is almost non-existent for social media companies. Therefore, paid ads are definitely necessary to get attention, traffic and conversions. We are happy to promote your company via Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads.

Data tracking, A/B testing, analysis and consequently regular optimization are the basis of every online marketing campaign. For this reason, the continuous testing and optimization of campaigns is our priority.

The exchange with you has top priority at FoxxBase. Only through mutual feedback can processes be improved and results measured. You will receive regular feedback and reports from us on current campaigns and online marketing activities, so that you always have a good insight.

You want stronger brand awareness, more website traffic and reach, leads and conversions?

As an online marketing agency, we are the right people for this. Together we analyse your industry, your company and your target group, develop ideas and test scalable marketing activities for your company. Let us be your partner to achieve your online marketing goals. FoxxBase specialises in increasing brand awareness, image improvement, generating reach, traffic and interaction, increasing new customers or generating leads, conversions or increasing sales, customer loyalty and recommendation.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes the two areas of SEO and SEA. FoxxBase offers both the organic optimisation of your website (SEO) and paid advertising using Google Ads (SEA).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the totality of all unpaid measures to optimize the search engine ranking of a website. This means all steps which aim to be found and better ranked with a website in the organic search results of Google. Through this improvement in indexing, companies can optimize their rankings free of charge or without additional advertising budget, so to speak.

One differentiates here between OnPage optimization and OffPage optimization. Offpage optimization does not take place on the website itself, but depends on external factors such as links to your website, quality of the links and other aspects. First and foremost, we take care of OnPage optimization when creating new websites or webshops. Today, it is primarily the quality of the content as well as the links that count – classic (meta) keywords are no longer considered by Google. As an E-Commerce and online marketing agency, we know exactly what to focus on.

The term Search Engine Advertising (SEA) covers paid measures to achieve a strong brand presence and a high ranking position within the search engine results. You pay for selected keywords or search terms, which are placed in the form of a text ad in the results of the respective search engines. SEA is an important part of online marketing, as you can reach a large number of potential customers by using Google Ads. We would be happy to support and advise you in this regard without obligation and impartiality.

The influence and importance of social media cannot be denied: According to Statista, in 2018 every second Austrian regularly used social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. With 62 percent, Facebook still holds the position of the most-used social media channel. This data alone illustrates the relevance of social media, especially for companies. After all, if you want to reach your target group, you should definitely act on their communication channels. It is not always necessary to be present on every single one – often a well thought-out online presence on a single social media channel is sufficient. On the one hand, social media marketing is suitable for achieving goals such as brand presence, image enhancement, reach, commitment and customer loyalty – but also especially for performance marketing goals such as generating leads and conversions. We would be happy to advise you in detail to find the best option for your company together.

Content Marketing covers many of the areas described above, with the emphasis on writing and creating unique and compelling content. In contrast to traditional advertising, which is part of Interruptive Advertising, not only the facts about the product or the current action should be in the foreground, but the story. In other words: Advertising is done via content, and it has become more subtle. We help you attract and convince your customers with exciting and creative content. Thus the Customer Experience (CX) is also highly relevant in content marketing. Here, too, we offer you an all-round service. As an online agency, content is one of our specialties, which we would like to establish in your company! From content creation (infographics, videos, etc.) to the creation of a keyword-optimized or search engine-friendly blog and its support.

Newsletter and E-mail Marketing are still the cheapest and most effective push channels for customer acquisition and retention. We will support you in sending customer relevant topics to existing and potential customers. Save time and money and get fast feedback on your offers. The contents of the e-mails can be flexibly adapted to your company as well as to your target group. We are happy to design and send individual and automated e-mails for you. We are also happy to take over the handling of your newsletter marketing: from lead generation to the creation of templates, content preparation as well as dispatch and analysis.


To find out whether or not we are the right partner for your online marketing strategy, we recommend you take advantage of our free initial consultation. Because good advice and clarification of your concerns are an essential factor for mutual success. We look forward to getting to know you!

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