Let FoxxBase create a professional online shop. We are experts in this field. We create webshops that are not only visually appealing but also promote sales

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner for the implementation of your webshop project? Webshop | Create An Online Shop In Vienna: At FoxxBase you get a tailor-made shop system, according to your wishes and needs.


We start every E-Commerce project with a detailed analysis and consultation. These are the essential factors for the success of your online shop. We discuss your requirements and sound out the target group. Which products are sold and what kind of variants result from this? How many items do you have? What goals do you want to achieve?

This is followed by the conception of your online shop.
Together we develop individual E-Commerce solutions and strategies for your webshop. At FoxxBase, we not only consider the visual and technical requirements of your online shop, but also develop holistic concepts which include aspects ranging from sales optimization to legal compliance. We plan the structure and navigation and consider how and where we can include texts for the search engines.

The web design will be created by our graphic artist based on your Corporate Design and your individual specifications and ideas. Of course all our online shops are responsive. This means that they can be optimally displayed and operated on any end device, from mobile phones to tablets and PCs. We will also gladly advise you on the subject of usability (User Experience/UX).

Create your online shop with FoxxBase: We take care of the entire process, from programming and implementation to the further adjustments of your webshop. We pay special attention to the quality of the programming and the speed of the finished webshop. These factors are not only important for the quality factor of Google (and your ranking in the search results) but also for your visitors.

Our team will be happy to handle the registration and input of your products. Depending on whether you want to enter your products yourself or leave this to us, all or only a few items will be entered. This step serves to enable the testing of the functions. If you only have a few items, these will be included completely and the milestone can be checked off.

Before the go-live of your webshop or online shop, it must be tested thoroughly and on different devices. From the order to “I have forgotten my password” every step is checked on almost every browser and device. Afterwards, the shop is migrated to the real environment and tested again completely. We work very conscientiously to provide you with a flawless online shop.

After your online shop is created, you should not forget about its promotion and search engine optimization. The basic search engine optimization (in short SEO) is always included. However, we are happy to support you with additional online marketing measures such as Google AdWords (search engine advertising or SEA) or social media marketing (SMM).

Let us create your online shop, lean back and relax. We offer technical and content maintenance as well as support for your webshop. However, at FoxxBase we only work with common open source shop systems, so you are not bound to us and can maintain your online shop yourself. Of course we would be happy if you stayed with us anyway. We take care of the maintenance of your shop, such as updates and regular backups, and we are also happy to take care of your content, so that you can offer your customers something new over and over again.



Ready to go:

Have a webshop created, have a webshop set up, have all products added

Online Shop Creation Complete Package: All you have to do is put the finished webshop into operation. The further registration of your articles can be done by us too or – after a short training – by you or your employees.

Ready for covering:

Have a web shop created, have a web shop set up, add products yourself

You will receive the finished webshop and can fill it yourself. We will add a few of your products as a template for your further article registration and train you. You just have to add the missing articles and get started.

Shell construction:

We design and create your online shop, you set it up and add the products

The possibilities range from the takeover of a finished design with minimal effort, to the creation of an individual design, adapted to your Corporate Identity. The setup is done by you.

You want to have an uncomplicated professional online shop and also earn money with it?

Let FoxxBase create a professional webshop for you. With our many years of expertise in this field, we are convinced that we are the right partner for your E-Commerce project. Our webshops can:

We would be happy to provide you with design suggestions for your online shop or create a redesign for your existing web shop. Of course our webshops are responsive. This means that they can be optimally displayed and operated on any end device, from mobile phones to tablets to PCs. We would also be happy to advise you on the subject of usability.

The approved design is now implemented into the shop system. We pay special attention to the quality of the programming and the speed of the finished webshop. These factors are not only important for the quality factor of Google (and your ranking in the search results) but also for your visitors. With a loading time of less than 2 seconds we achieve a low bounce rate, which improves the ranking in search engines.

If you want to create an online shop, there are many things to consider for it’s success. A webshop optimized for Google is advantageous, because you get a high position in the search results and you also benefit from the advertised ads (Google Ads). We know what we have to pay attention to and take care of all these steps for you.

Legal compliance is a particularly sensitive issue and a very important topic. We will assist you in observing the Austrian ECA (E-Commerce Act) and consider various obligatory mentions in the shop, such as delivery time or taxes.

We guarantee you and your customers a pleasant user experience and high usability throughout the entire buyer’s journey.


What looks simple has undergone intensive development. We have standardized processes that guarantee the highest quality.
Highest quality of your webshop means to us:

1. Secure
2. Fast loading times
3. Low maintenance
4. Optimized for search engines
5. Optically & technically perfect

Important notice: We at FoxxBase work with the open source software WooCommerce and Shopware, for which there are no fees.

We use WooCommerce for small & medium sized projects and Shopware for large, more extensive webshop projects. They are our favorites in the area of open source shop software. We rarely use Magento due to its complexity. Open source means that you do not have to pay any license fees. You only pay for the webshop and the setup of the online shop, depending on the desired expansion level. We have already covered the shop system comparison. You do not have to worry about any technical details. Another advantage: WooCommerce and Shopware are common software programs, which means that you are not dependent on us as your agency.

Further possibilities for your webshop success:

1. Web Hosting of your new website: Fast, reliable, secure, inexpensive
2. Online Marketing: Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram – we find & motivate your target group
3. Webshop or Booking Tool
4. Individual Solutions & Programming
5. Maintenance & Backup


To find out whether or not we are the right partner for your webshop project, we recommend you take advantage of our free initial consultation. Because good advice and clarification of your concerns are an essential factor for mutual success. We look forward to getting to know you!

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